img_0360Lydia Berger is a senior undergraduate Audiology student at the University of Texas at Dallas. She grew up volunteering for and attending events put on by Texas Hands & Voices and has taken their motto, “what’s best for your child is what makes the choice right” to heart. Working with the Hearing Health Lab has only increased her interest in taking into account the whole child and all aspects of their life when providing them with auditory accommodations, modifications and strategies.

Lydia is particularly interested in ways to mitigate the adverse social effects of hearing loss, especially in children. Her research interests specifically include how these adverse effects are compounded by other factors such as multilingual acquisition, multiple diagnoses, assistive listening devices’ effect on listening fatigue and working memory deficits, and how all of these factors impact the use of assistive listening devices and auditory (re)habilitation. She is interested in tele-health solutions and community awareness of resources to help remove barriers for this population.

Through the Hearing Health Lab and as part of her Behavioral Brain Sciences honors thesis, Lydia is currently looking at how accessible public auditory accommodations are and how knowledgeable employees of these public venues are about said accommodations.